IPE Collaboration Award Call for Applications

The 2024 Award cycle is now open. Click the button below to apply.

What is the 2024 award criteria?

To review the 2024 PEC/COF Award packet, click here.

The packet includes instructions and deadline information for submitting an application.

What is the nomination and selection process?

The Award Committee is looking for submissions that represent the full spectrum of IPEC member institutions, including nominations from small schools and private schools. All nominations will be reviewed by a joint IPEC/COF Award Review Committee and approved by COF and the IPEC Board of Directors. Award nominations from each school must be submitted through a Health Professional School Dean, include representation by two or more health professions, and demonstrate a clear relationship between interprofessional practice, outcomes, and impact. A checklist for the items that must be included in the package. "Interprofessional" would include representation by two or more health professions. In addition to including team members representing multiple professions, the project should demonstrate relationship between interprofessional practice and outcomes.

Projects previously submitted which did not receive awards are eligible for re-entry, though new nominations must be submitted.

How do I submit an application?

Applicants must submit a:

(1) signed checklist;

(2) coversheet with brief project description;

(3) two-page narrative (including detailed documentation of impact);

(4) abbreviated Principal Investigator (PI) CV (6 pages or less);

(5) outline of collaborator roles; and

(6) letter of dean/IPE center leader support.

Applicants may include optional supplementary materials, such as pictures, a slide presentation (12 slides or less), and/or video short. References and supplemental material will not count against the 2-page project description limitation.

View the 2024 Award Packet for more details.

Before you submit, click here to download the application checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download the FAQs relating to the 2024 IPE Collaboration Award.

Important Dates

The 2024 IPEC/COF Award timeline is as follows:

  • Applications Open: October 2, 2023
  • Applications Close: February 2, 2024
  • Notifications: April 1, 2024


For questions about the award, please email [email protected].